A Picture Essay – The Women’s March on Washington (2017)

I attended the last Women’s March on DC in 2004. I don’t remember the blathering speeches, or the nonsensical rhetoric – what i do remember are the signs. They were vulgar, vicious and vile. When in the aftermath of this year’s election the ladies again decided to hold a March on Washington I had hoped their signage would moderate with time.

I was encouraged by one of the first signs I saw. Even though it was one with the incredibly silly and often used Hillary/Michelle “We Go High” quote – I thought it would be a positive harbinger of signs to come.


My hopes were quickly shattered and it all went to hell.








There were the ironically inappropriate pairing of marchers and their signs – like this pervy middle-aged man carrying a “Pussy Pride” placard – which in all honesty should have had most women run screaming into the swamps. Not this crowd, they ate it up – ewww.


This “Woke Bae” was cringe worthy.


There was also this large banner – apparently President Trumps election is empowering women to no longer simulate pleasurable intercourse. IMG_4397

There were lots of pasty latte-sipping low-testosterone beta-males wearing knitted pink-pussy ears in the crowd. I can’t with them.


There was also quite a bit of confused rhetoric, these gals want to rid the world of the patriarchy in the worst way and apparently eating only vegetables is the way to do it. IMG_4382IMG_4303IMG_4306

…but that message was lost on those who want to eat the rich.IMG_4380

Saw lots of Hillary butt-hurt. Bless their hearts.



…and homages to Hillary’s failed campaign. Yes nasty women, in fact do vote – just not in large enough numbers it would seem.


There were MANY Nasty Immigrants.


And some stupid immigrants too. This sign reads, ” Until the Victory, Always!” Not so bad right? No, it’s pretty bad, those words are the battle cry of the  murderous, homophobic, racist, misogynist Che Guevara. I asked this woman if she knew whose words they were and she was very proud to tell me. I didn’t enlighten her on the twisted irony that Che had no place in his life for minorities, women or gays. Ignorance kills.


And hateful bilingual immigrants.  IMG_4362

And what, pray tell, would a woman’s March On DC be without this old chestnut.


These people protesting Donald Trump want us to take them seriously. After spending several hours with them today – the last thing I want to give them is the time of day, much less any respect. They’re ridiculous, hysterical, and hypocritical.  I hope they keep this up – Republicans will be in the White House for another 12 years.

3 thoughts on “A Picture Essay – The Women’s March on Washington (2017)”

  1. Wow. Thanks for braving this event & reporting on it Rai. Women tend to scare me to begin with; it’s a long story:-). So I would not have been brave enough to be anywhere near this. And I can’t either with the ‘feminist’ men; Oy. Cheers!

  2. I found your article entertaining because of its emphasis on the worst and most vulgar. And vulgarity was there — just think of Ashley Judd’s speech. There is that thread and you captured it. You have certainly articulated a view point that needs to be heard.
    On the other hand, knowing dozens of church-going women who went, seeing their photos and the photos of others who were present, I do not believe your photo essay is representative of the majority of the participants, their signage, or their sentiments.
    Something big happened yesterday. There were 673 marches on 7 continents and turnouts in the US were higher than anticipated. I don’t think we know yet where it will lead, but I think we are entering some interesting times.

  3. And it’s packaged as something nice and pretty. When did it become a Woman’s right to kill her own child? The main sponsor of this event was Planned Parenthood.

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